Thursday, June 2, 2016


The 21c Museum Hotel is located a block from a half-mile long path to the Crystal Bridges Museum. How often do you get to walk on a paved trail through beautiful woods and gardens, passing outdoor sculptures, as you approach a world-class museum? Well, right here in Bentonville, you can do it all.
Lobby of 21c hotel

The 21c Museum Hotel stands on its own merits as a model of American ingenuity and entrepreneurship. Seeking to integrate contemporary art and hotel hospitality, Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson launched the 21c concept in downtown Louisville, Kentucky in 2006 and are extending its reach to other mid-size cities including Durham, Oklahoma City, and Columbus. They seek to rehabilitate historic commercial buildings and transform them into new 21c Museum Hotels. These hotels are clearly meant to be more than just a place to spend the night; they seek to integrate art into a traveler’s daily life. In the 21c lobby one sees eye-catching works of contemporary artists -- sculpture, paintings, and mobiles. As you get off the elevator to go to your room, you are startled to see a new idea -- wallpaper as art – each level done by a different artist. Your guestroom is large and looks like it may have been designed in Silicon Valley. Other persons, not staying at the hotel, can and do visit the lobby galleries.

A group (technically a colony or waddle) of identical green penguins about 4 feet tall rove throughout the hotel. They turn up in the oddest places – standing in line at the elevator, sharing your breakfast table, or carefully examining art in the lobby. You may be startled at first, then smile, and later decide you need to move one or two of these green guys
Lincoln from the $5. Bill

Wallpaper as Art

Telephone in Guest Room

Luggage Bench

Penguin Invited to Breakfast
to where you think they should be. Nothing but fun.

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