Sunday, January 8, 2012


Our new years party was a great success due to a few factors
1. The winter setting overlooking the lake
2. By this time, everyone wanted to eat not at their own home and was delighted to join us for fare catered by the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor, along with local cider, and guest-baked desserts.
3. Everyone was delighted to broaden his/her horizons as we brought together family & friends from Horicon, Chestertown, Pottersville, Friends Lake, and Johnsburg. Our group included owners of Stone Bridges and Caves, Railroads on Parade, a licensed massage therapist, camp owner, and other interesting folk.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Living here in the 6,000,000 acre Adirondack Park, we have a special chance to experience and appreciate the little details of nature. One morning we awoke and heard loud, high pitched sounds - was it a flock of passing ducks or animals on the roof? Not sure, we opened a window on to the chilly lake. The sounds came from thin, newly formed plates of ice floating and striking each other as gentle waves moved them towards the shore. We could imagine the ice as crystal glass making musical tones. We were very excited because this natural wonder is rarely seen or heard, though the lake will freeze every year.

On a more quiet note, yesterday we walked on snow-covered trails up the hill behind our garage. Our footprints were marked by the indentations of the cleated soles of our boots. But what was this long line of little, triangular shaped patterns in the snow? We knew because these birds scramble up the hill even in the summer-time - wild turkeys.