Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Medved, Murphy, Barbour

RJC PANEL DISCUSSION at the Centre Club in Tampa with former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour and radio pundits Michael Medved and Michael Murphy.  

Below are some of their ideas…….

Haley Barbour -- prospects are better for the Republicans than in 1980 with Reagan’s victory over Jimmy Carter.  At this time in his campaign, Reagan was trailing Carter by 14%, today Romney is virtually in a dead-heat with Obama.

Michael Medved -- Obama’s approval ratings in Israel recently have “soared to 6%.”  This factoid stands in stark contrast to 2008 when Obama received 78% of the Jewish vote, though that number is lower now. Perhaps part of the reason for declining support is explained in the RJC’s  website  www.mybuyersremorse.com
Haley Barbour --- warned about Romney’s seeming success in the money race.  He stated that labor union money is not included in these sums since unions commonly do not raise political money from membership, they simply dip into their own tills which are filled to overflowing with dues from their members and then give to the Democrats.

2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA by Dinesh S’Souza

Today's Washington Post online article  --  Documentary film 2016: Obama's America
came out of nowhere to burn up the box office


Since the convention events were canceled on Monday night, we went to a nearby AMC megatheater to see “2016: Obama’s America.” Using Obama’s voice, the film quoted directly from Obama’s book, “Dreams From My Father,”
The movie then reflected on many of the president’s actions while in the Oval Office -----

            returning the bust of Winston Churchill to the English upon taking office           
            supporting Argentina against England in the Falkland Islands dispute
            reducing America’s footprint in the world
            making UN approval necessary for international intervention
            undertaking unilateral arms reduction
            general distributionist attitude to wealth
            giving Brazil money to drill oil off their shore (as in reparations)
            supporting the Palestinians and while alienating Israel

All these actions can be understood to fall within the category of ANTI-COLONIALISM.  Obama’s father’s dreams, which emerge from his personal life history were ant-colonialist in the extreme.  To this base, D’Souza adds Ann Dunham’s worldview, and the politics of Frank Davis, Bill Ayres, Edward Said, Rashid Khalidi, and Reverend Wright. Then, the positions of the President gain consistency and we gain understanding. The film concludes with the impact to the US of another four years of these policy pursuits, unchecked by the need for reelection.  Could America recover?   

See this important movie – and decide for yourself!